Computational Mathematics Driven by Industrial Applications

in Martina Franca (Taranto)  from June 21 to June 27

Scientific Committee

Prof.  Vincenzo CAPASSO (Universita' di Milano  )
 Prof. Heinz W. ENGL (University of Linz)
 Prof.  Jacques PERIAUX (Dassault Aviation)>

5 lectures in English for each course

 a)    Path, trees and flows: graph optimisation
 problems with industrial applications 

 Prof. Rainer BURKARD (Technische Universitat Graz)

b)   New Computational Concepts, Adaptive Differential Equations
 Solvers and Virtual Labs 

 Prof. Peter DEUFLHARD (Konrad Zuse Zentrum, Berlin)

c)   Computational Methods for Aerodynamic Analysis and Design.

Prof. Antony JAMESON (Stanford University, Stanford)

d)     Mathematical Problems in Industry 

Prof. Jacques-Louis LIONS (Academy of Sciences, Paris and
 Dassault Aviation)

 e) Wavelet transforms and Cosine Transform in Signal and Image

Prof. Gilbert STRANG (MIT, Boston)


  Two hours seminars will be held by the Scientific Directors
   and Professor R. Mattthej.

 1)  Mathematics of the crystallisation process of polymers
      Prof. Vincenzo Capasso (Un. di Milano);

       2)      Inverse Problems: Regularization methods, Application in Industry.
      Prof. H. W. Engl (Johannes Kepler Un., Linz);

3)      Mathematics of Glass
     Prof. R. Mattheij (TU Eindhoven);

4)      Combining game theory and genetic algorithms for solving
        multi-objective shape optimisation problems in Aerodynamics        Engineering. 
         Doct. J. Periaux (Dassault Aviation)

This C.I.M.E. course is made possible thanks to the generous support received from: The European Commission, Division XII, TMR Programme "Summer Schools" Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Ministero dell' Universita' e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica UNESCO-ROSTE, Venice Office.


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