Spatial Stochastic Processes
Martina Franca (Taranto)   
July 1-8, 2001

Course director:


Prof. Tom Mountford
University of California, Los Angeles
Mixing results for Critical Nearest Particle Systems via Spectral Gap Estimates. (5 lectures)

Prof. Robert Dalang
Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne
Level sets and excursions of the Brownian sheet. (5 lectures)

Prof. Gail Ivanoff
University of Ottawa (Canada)
Weak convergence of set-indexed martingales. (4 lectures)

Prof. Ely Merzbach
Bar-Ilan University
Set-indexed martingales and point processes. (3 lectures)

Prof. Vincenzo Capasso
Università di Milano
Stochastic Geometry of spatially structured birth and growth processes; Applications to polymers crystallization processes.
(4 lectures)

Prof. Marco Dozzi
Universitè de Nancy
Local time and sample path properties of n-parameter processes. (3 lectures)

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