Analytic Number Theory
Cetraro (Cosenza)  
July 10-19, 2002
Course directors:
Prof. C. Viola (Università di Pisa)
Prof. A. Perelli (Università di Genova)


Prof. John Friedlander
Univ. of Toronto (Canada)
Producing Prime Numbers via Sieve Methods
(4 lectures)

Prof. John Friedlander
Univ. of Toronto (Canada)
Exponential Sums, Uniform Distribution and
Cryptographic Applications (2 lectures)

Prof. Roger Heath-Brown
Oxford University (England)
Counting Rational Points on Algebraic Varieties
(6 lectures)

Prof. Henryk Iwaniec
Rutgers University, New Jersey, (USA)
Automorphic L-Functions (6 lectures)

Prof. Jerzy Kaczorowski
Poznan Un. (Poland)
Axiomatic Theory of L-Functions: the Selberg Class
(6 lectures)


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