Modelling and Optimisation of Flows on Networks
Cetraro (CS), - June 15 - June 19, 2009

Course directors:

Michel Rascle (Univ. Nizza)
Benedetto Piccoli (I.A.C.-C.N.R.)

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from Nov 10, 2008
to Apr 30, 2009

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Luigi Ambrosio
SNS, Pisa
Optimal Transport
   Lecture Notes

Alberto Bressan
Penn State Univ.
Introduction to Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
   Lecture Notes

Dirk Helbing
Modelling Vehicular Traffic and Pedestrian Flows

Axel Klar
Univ. Kaiserlautern
Modeling and Optimization of Flows on Networks
   Lecture Notes

Christian Ringhofer
Univ. Arizona
Kinetic and Fluid Dynamic Models for Complex Supply Networks
   Lecture Notes

Enrique Zuazua
Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
Wave Propagation in 1-d Flexible Multi-structures
   Lecture Notes

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