Current challenges in stability issues for numerical differential equations
Cetraro (CS) - June 27 - July 2, 2011

CIME-EMS Summer School in applied mathematics
sponsored and financially supported by the G.N.C.S. (Gruppo Nazionale di Calcolo Scientifico)

Course directors:

Luca Dieci (Georgia Inst. of Technology)
Nicola Guglielmi (Univ. de L'Aquila)

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from Dec 1, 2010
to Apr 30, 2011

Elenco Partecipanti
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Wolf-Juergen Beyn
Univ. Bielefeld
Stability and Computation of Dynamic Patterns in PDEs
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Luca Dieci
Georgia Inst. of Technology
Continuous decompositions and localization of singular points for matrices depending on several parameters
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Nicola Guglielmi and Marino Zennaro
Univ. de L'Aquila and Univ. Trieste
Stability of linear problems: joint spectral radius of sets of matrices
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Ernst Hairer
Univ. Ginevra
Long-term stability of linear multistep methods and numerical energy conservation for highly oscillatory differential equations
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Chus Sanz-Serna
Univ. Valladolid
Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Geometric Integration
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