The Garden of Archimedes
 A Museum for Mathematics

A history of infinitesimal calculus in the books of the library of mathematics

    1. Squaring Methods from ancient times to the 17th century
    2. Analytic geometry and the problem of tangents
    3. Newton and Leibniz: the birth of calculus
    4. The diffusion of calculus
    5. Calculus in Italy
    6. The basis of calculus
    7. Weierstrass and the treatises of analysis in Italy
    8. The theory of real numbers
    9. Integration and measure

  •  Exhibition Panels
  •  Works (available only in Italian)

    The exhibition has been organized on the occasion of the Xth Week of Scientific and Technological Culture
    with the books of the Science Library in the Ulisse Dini Department of Mathematics of Florence.