Stochastic processes in Mathematical Physics

Firenze, June 19-23 2006

LA PIETRA WEEK IN PROBABILITY 2006 will be a school and conference presenting relevant topics in the probabilistic approach to Mathematical Physics, including some of the most recent advances and some of the prospective challenges of the field. During the meeting we take the occasion to celebrate Michael Aizenman's and Chuck Newman's 60th birthdays.

Program & timetables

The timetable follows. If you wish to have the timetable in a detailed (day by day) format, please follow this link

Please notice that the wednesday dinner is expected to end around midnight


08:30 Registration
09:00 Giacomin Giacomin Derrida Werner Open workshop and discussions
09:45 Giacomin Sheffield
10:00 Werner Werner
10:30 Lebowitz Human rights session
11:00 coffee coffee coffee
11:15 coffee
11:30 Fontes Camia Martinelli
11:45 Presutti
12:15 Contucci Sidoravicius Klein
12:30 Warzel
13:00 lunch lunch lunch
13:15 lunch
15:00 Short talks Short talks Short talks
Registration 16:00 Waymire Graf Ben Arous
16:45 Varadhan Schenker Duplantier
18:30 Comedy at the Teatrino (Green Theatre)
20:00 Dinner at the Limonaia with birthdays celebrations


MinicoursesTwo hours each plus a final lecture in the main session
Short talksTen minutes short talks
Human rightsHuman rights session
Open workshopOpen workshops and discussions among participants to the conference
lunchLunch break
coffeeCoffee break