Stochastic processes in Mathematical Physics

Firenze, June 19-23 2006

LA PIETRA WEEK IN PROBABILITY 2006 will be a school and conference presenting relevant topics in the probabilistic approach to Mathematical Physics, including some of the most recent advances and some of the prospective challenges of the field. During the meeting we take the occasion to celebrate Michael Aizenman's and Chuck Newman's 60th birthdays.


There is a registration fee of 150 € to attend the conference's activities, the fee includes lunch for every whole day of the conference (monday to thursday) and will be collected the first day of the conferencence, at the registration desk.

The registration has been re-opened, but please be aware that your participation is subject to approval of the scientific committee.

Anyone with an interest in the subject is warmly invited to participate to the conference at any stage. In order to help preparing a list of participants, you should fill in the following form.

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