Stochastic processes in Mathematical Physics

Firenze, June 19-23 2006

LA PIETRA WEEK IN PROBABILITY 2006 will be a school and conference presenting relevant topics in the probabilistic approach to Mathematical Physics, including some of the most recent advances and some of the prospective challenges of the field. During the meeting we take the occasion to celebrate Michael Aizenman's and Chuck Newman's 60th birthdays.

Gala dinner & birthdays celebration

Dear participant,

it would be extremely helpful for us to know who is going to join the gala dinner & birthdays celebration of Wednesday evening. Please fill out the form below with your name (in the participant field) and the number of persons you will come with (say, your husband/wife/children). If you have any dietary restriction, please let us know by means of the corresponding field.

Please, be aware that the dinner costs 50€ and is not included in the registration fee.

Dinner participation