Stochastic Models in Physics

Firenze, June 23-27, 2008

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Friday lunch

As one may see from the conference program, there are no scientific activities open to all participants in the afternoon of Friday 27. In order to avoid wasting food (and money), the conference organization would like to understand how many persons are going to attend the lunch on Friday. Please answer the following question.

Thursday Opera

A limited number of tickets for the opera Lady MacBeth nel distretto di Mzensk (Lady MacBeth in the Mzensk district) on Thursday 26 are available at a special price (15€ instead of 77€). The opera is directed by J. Conlon, with music by Sostakovic. Further details (in italian) are available here. In particular, the show lasts 3h 15' and is in original language (russian), with subtitles.